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As a pioneer in the field of groundwater circulation wells, IEG Technologie GmbH will deliver highly innovative solutions for soil and groundwater circulation.

Who we are

For almost 30 years IEG has helped shaping the remediation market worldwide. We have developed and continue to advance the groundwater circulation technology and help clients solving complex remediation problems. With over 400 successful remediations worldwide, we have extensive knowledge for most problems.


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We move water and air, not the subsurface




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Our strenghts

We are solution oriented

We pride ourselves in finding the perfect solution for the client and not for us.

We are adaptive

Wether we should provide turn-key solutions or integrate our technology in exisiting infrastructure, we adapt to the situation of the client. We are flexible in traveling or working abroad and have worked in every work enviorment.

Made in Germany

We design, manufacture and produce in Germany.

Experience from over 400 cases

In almost 30 years, IEG has successfully remediated over 400 sites all over the word. We have one of the largest proven track records in the industry and worked with every major consultant.

Local Partners

Working abroad provides challenging situations for every company. That’s why we work with local partners in every country to help with country specific issues, while providing a fast and cost-effective service in over 10 countries on 3 continents.

Efficient, Inexpensive, Scalable

Our technologies are proven in the field. Our systems scale very well and offer one of the best $/m³ remediation costs in the market. Due to this we constantly work with large remediation sites of 50.000m² and more.

„Water protection is the path to a sustainable future.“

Dr. Eduard J. Alesi IEG Technology

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