Applied research

Why research?

In order to maintain the technological edge IEG continuously conducts R&D programmes to add new solutions and to continuously improve and optimize our range of sustainable technologies  “powered by IEG-GCW”

The main focus lies on applied research in the environmental sector. IEG sees itself as a link between the corporate sector and the research community. Our close ties and our focus to employ and teach students from universties, gives a access to the  latest developments  in environmental research.

We are able to bridge the gap and create working prototypes and marketable solutions from lab results. We understand the unique requirements that come with funding of these projects and are flexible enough to accomodate these special requests.

ELECTRA Research Project

The ELECTRA research project

The ELECTRA project is a 4-year Research Innovation Action consisting of one EC- funded consortium working closely together with a NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China)-funded Chinese consortium.

The ELECTRA research project

The ELECTRA consortium aims to jointly develop and test highly innovative bio-electrochemical systems-based remediation biotechnologies at laboratory scale in environmentally relevant conditions and bring the four most efficient technologies to the field in both China and Europe.

Current Publications

Yuan, SongHu; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Peng; Tong, Man; Liu, Hui (2020):

Electrolytic groundwater circulation well for trichloroethylene degradation in a simulated aquifer. Science China, Technological Sciences, Science China Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH, April 2020, 11 pages.

Dinkel, E., Braun, B., Schröder, J., Muhrbeck, M., Reul, W., Meeder, A., Szewzyk, U., Scheytt, T. (2020):

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Qi, Zhu; Zhang, Wen; Hongbin, Zhan; Songhu, Yuan (2020):

Optimization strategies for in situ groundwater remediation by a vertical circulation well based on particle tracking and node-dependent finite difference methods. 2020, American Geophysical Union, 71 pages.

Paolo Ciampi, Carlo Esposito, Marco Petrangeli Papini (2024):

Review on groundwater circulation wells (GCWs) for aquifer remediation: State of the art, challenges, and future prospects

You can download the whole article here

Kneer, A., August, A., Alesi, E., Reiter, A., Rehner, G., Wirtz, M., Esslinger, M., Barbe, S., Nestler, B. (2022):

Dual-porosity-approach: heat-and mass tranfer processes in porous media for energy storage and aquifer restoration. International Journal of Heat and Mass transfer. 16 pages.

Toscani, L., Stefania, G.A., Masut, E., Prieto, M., Legnani, A., Gigliuto, A., Ferioli, L., Battaglia, A., (2022):

Groundwater flow numerical model to evaluate water mass balance and flow patterns in Groundwater Circulation Wells (GCW) with varying aquifer parameters. Acque Sotterranee – Italian Journal of Groundwater, 11(3),

Ciampi P., Esposito E., Bartsch E., Alesi E.J., Rehner G., Petrangeli Papini M. (2022):

Remediation of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (CAHs) contaminated site coupling groundwater recirculation well (IEG-GCW®) with a peripheral injection of soluble nutrient supplement (IEG-C-MIX) via multilevel-injection wells (IEG-MIW).

Ciampi, P., Bartsch, E., Alesi, E.J., Rehner, G., Kneer, A., Nestler, B., Petrangeli Papini, M. (2021):

Combining a Groundwater Circulation Well (IEG-GCW) with nutrient distribution through multiple injection wells (MIW) for the remediation of a chlorinated solvent contaminated site. DehaloCon III 27.-30. Sept., Rome.

Ciampi, P, Esposito, C. Bartsch, E., Alesi, E.J., Petrangeli Papini, M. (2021):

3D dynamic model empowering the knowledge of the decontamination mechanisms and controlling the complex remediation strategy of a contaminated industrial site. Science of the Total Environment 793 (2021) 148649, April 2021, 13 pages.

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opportunities and challenges for nanotechnology and advanced materials. Environmental Science, Nano, Vol. 6, Nr. 5, May 2019, pp 1272-1608.

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Groundwater Circulation (GCW) for accelerated site remediation in contaminated heterogeneous aquifers. Remediation and Brownfield Investments Conference, Budapest, 14.-16.05.2019

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An analytical solution of groundwater flow in a confined aquifer with a single well circulation system. 2019, American Geophysical Union, 26 pages.