About Us

About Us

IEG Technologie GmbH is a company specialized in providing high-quality turn-key solutions for soil and groundwater remediation using primarily innovative in-situ technologies.

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The philosophy behind IEG's environmentally-conscious technologies aligns precisely with the modern sustainability requirements.

IEG's technology specializes in groundwater remediation with low energy consumption, minimal and minimal visual impact. We save water, treat contamination in-situ, minimize waste generation, maintain a small footprint, and employ eco-friendly installations.

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Meet our Team

Dr. Eduard Alesi


Melanie Esslinger


Ester Alesi


Marcel Alesi

Senior Project Manager

Gert Rehner

Senior Geologist

Ernst Bartsch

Area Manager Italy

André Alesi

Marketing & Finance

Niloufar Falakbaz

Project Manager, Biotechnology

Jürgen Grathwohl


Simone Eisele

Assistant to the Management

„Water protection is the path to a sustainable future.“

Dr. Eduard J. Alesi
 IEG Technology

IEG Technologie GmbH was developed by Dr. E.J. Alesi and Industrial Engineering GmbH. Since 1985 IEG has been a pioneer in the research & development, as well as the manufacturing of Groundwater Circulation Well (IEG-GCW®) technology and other technologies for the treatment of groundwater, irrigation, infiltration, amendments for microbiological remediation. 

As an independent, internationally working company IEG Tech has been developing and deploying proprietary processes & technologies for the best part of 50 years now. 

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