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IEG Technology - we move water

It is the most precious resoure in the world: Groundwater. It forms the foundation of our ecosystem.

With more than 10.5 million cubic kilometers, it is the most important freshwater reserve on our planet and is virtually the only source of public water supply in many parts of the world. Groundwater is therefore a precarious and contested resource, not least because it is increasingly affected worldwide by pollution - from agricultural pesticides, contamination from industry and traffic, and from isolated problems following accidents with water-polluting substances or leaking sewers, as well as old waste deposits. Global warming further intensifies the challenge with water as a limited resource. Conventional technologies such as the pump-and-treat method often cannot sufficiently remove the pollutants at contaminated sites, are lengthy, expensive and energy-intensive. Until now, remediation has involved pumping out water, cleaning it above ground and discharging it into the sewer system. This long-term cleaning process, which is based on diffusion, requires large quantities of fresh, replenishing groundwater over many years, which is becoming less and less available due to environmental influences.

The IEG-GCW process can save up to 75 % of operating costs. In addition, nutrients can be added underground to promote the biological degradation of pollutants. This leads to a shorter and more sustainable remediation result. Another advantage of the IEG-GCW process is that it can accelerate the natural biodegradation of organic compounds under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. This patented groundwater remediation process is considered unique worldwide.

IEG's customers include global leaders from the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, government agencies and international consultancies. For these sectors, IEG Technologie GmbH offers promising solutions to the challenges of climate change and sustainable resource use. In this context, the technologies can be used not only for groundwater remediation and soil regeneration, but also for other applications.

Over the decades, Dr. Eduard J. Alesi formed an international contact point, a "think tank" for complex soil and groundwater contamination. Through continuous research and technology development in cooperation with leading universities such as the KIT in Karlsruhe, the University of Sapenzia in Rome, Italy, the University of Madrid in Spain and the University of Chengdu in China, remediation solutions are created, research projects are carried out and concrete applications for sustainable groundwater treatment are developed. In addition, the company produces complex remediation wells and container systems for groundwater treatment, online monitoring systems and liquid nutrients for microbiological degradation in Germany, which are then delivered to the relevant remediation sites. With its locations in Germany, Italy and China, IEG Technologie GmbH contributes with its innovations to reducing environmental pollution, conserving resources and especially groundwater resources, and promoting sustainable development - worldwide.

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