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Chlorinated Conference

Exploring 3-D Geospatial Approaches to Remediate Chlorinated Solvent Contamination - Join Us at the 2024 Chlorinated Conference

Unveiling Groundbreaking Remediation Strategies

We are excited to invite you to an insightful presentation at the upcoming 2024 Chlorinated Conference in Denver, Colorado. Our team is thrilled to share our latest advances in groundwater remediation, specifically targeting long-term chlorinated solvent contamination.

Our presentation will delve into:

Identifying contamination sources and plume dynamics in a site-specific hydrogeological context.
Reconstruction of a comprehensive Conceptual Site Model (CSM) tailored to site-specific characteristics.
Designing a targeted remediation strategy integrating various data sources, including geological boreholes, groundwater monitoring points, and membrane interface probe (MIP) data.
Discover how our data-driven approach influenced the design of a groundwater recirculation barrier intervention with groundwater circulation wells (GCW) to effectively intercept and treat the contamination plume.
Join us for insights into sustainable and data-driven remediation strategies shaping the future of environmental science.

Save the date and be part of the conversation at Battelle!

Presentation Details:
Date: June 3, 2024
Time: 3:30 PM
Location: Mile High Ballroom, Room 3b – F Sessions

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